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Trendy Africa Magazine Mothers Appreciation Event (TAMMAE) is an annual ceremony held to appreciate, motivate and empower women in our community whom have shown remarkable resilience and outstanding achievement in their chosen profession and specific endeavor. It also serves as a platform to promote culture and tourism of the ethnic background of both honorees and attendees while serving as a forum to educate on health, violence and other concerning issues in the community. Dance drama, fashion, comedy and music are incorporated as highlights of the event. TAMMAE generally benefits S.A.D (Speak Up Against Domestic Violence), a campaign against domestic violence. TAMMAE is hosted in the month of May which is the official Mother’s Day month in the USA.

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TAMMAE serves as a great branding platform for start up’s, small businesses, multinationals, countries and parastatals while ensuring the following; Brand exposure at venues and on promotional materials, brand mentions and compliments during the events including the official brochure. Great visibility on the web via our social networks, highly visible website and printed journal. Great environment for engaging, networking and product presentation.

VISION – to encourage and build a strong productive and resourceful community of women while ensuring their sustainable development for future generations.

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